Custom Hats

Handmade in Telluride, CO

One of a Kind

Hatmaking is my passion. I make high quality wearable art. Each hat is a unique creation and collaboration between my voice as a hatmaker and your story as the wearer.

My focus is on making you the highest quality hat possible. I source the best materials available and have an uncompromising standard of craftsmanship. My goal is that this hat becomes part of your “uniform”. It is completely authentic to who you are and your lifestyle.

– Kim Lake

Camp Bird Hats, Telluride, CO
Camp Bird Custom Hats, Telluride, CO

Custom Hats

I make full custom hats from the purest form of the materials. I use a conformateur to get the exact shape of your head. I take that information to build a wooden last of your head shape and use it when I am making your hat. You choose all the details, the shape of the crown and the size of the brim. I will walk you through the whole experience to create a hat that is authentic to you and your personal style.

Custom Hat Fitting, Camp Bird Telluride

How to own a custom Camp Bird Hat

I am fortunate to have enough demand to do all my fittings in person. I believe this personal interaction is what sets my hats apart.

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Camp Bird Studio

Camp Bird Studio, Telluride, CO
Camp Bird Studio, Telluride, CO
Custom Made Hats, Camp Bird Studio, Telluride
Custom Crafted Hats, Camp Bird Studio, Telluride
Kim Lake, Custom Hats, Telluride, CO
CampBird Telluride Custom Hats
Camp Bird Telluride
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